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All veterinary costs pays small paws ® rescue support our Bichons. Until today, we have saved more than 10. 000 bichons in 16 years, where we are active. Small paws ® rescue is now the largest rescue of the race in the country. We have more than 6 000 members and over 800 volunteers. We pay bichon frise rescue dogs ct $25 000 00 and $50 000 00 per month in the review of bills and we publish publicly to investigate these accounts. Small paws ® rescue considers, it is best to fly a Bichon in a new home in a commercial aircraft and to open a House to stop a nut in a shelter or in a Puppy Mill, why have no place for it. Small paws ® rescue believes in something in a store of Bichon to do, although it is extraordinary intervention or treatment. Here are a few examples. Small legs, rescue ® is actively involved in research to the attention of the media, the situation starts these Bichons the public to the problem of the hatchery and additional, necessary strongly support recruits, homes and volunteers. Have us processors to adopt carefully each candidate for veterinary medicinal products and all references two in-depth telephone interviews. Here you will find a lot on how the applicant will be a future dog, moreover, dogs in the past have tried. They believe in the healing power of the miracle of prayer open and have a prayer Ministry in working with each newsletter. We publish believe consultants, who stare at each small paws ® rescue at least twice to ensure that all is well with her new foster family. Coordinators of spay/neuter, which checks to make sure that all puppies adopt either sterilised or castrated at the age of six months. We have a team of lawyers that has been credited for saving many lives, if a protection is there, by refusing to register with the work, or if a person is illegal, our brand to use protected by the federal Government, scored. We believe in sterilization. How it's less work for us because in six years sex a few years this female and her offspring can theoretically produce 67 000 dogs. (This information comes from the humane society of the United States. ). Our network under customs control ensures that two Bichons linked relief came, they stand together, we believe that if all unite couples together, because they have lost already, their people and their homes. These are our lines grouped, just a few that we have set in homes, to love! Give the inheritance. If you want a gift that Bichons too help in all eternity, when they are gone, we can help. We are also pleased that the guardians of the Bichons are named. Small paws ® rescue week works 24 hours a day, 7 days. There is never a day, also Sundays and holidays are not available Bichons, need emergency assistance and, .