Bichon Frise Dog Years To Human Years

Bichon Frise Dog

Looking for a good pet for your child? These 20 breeds of dogs are good with children. You know. «Read more» originally known as Bichon Stamata, launched during the 14th century the North hosted on the European continent since the Canary Islands. Modes of poodle he changed the animal preferred of bichon frise dog years to human years the nobility. Prohibited on the road, a cheerful personality of the Bichon cave has conquered the hearts of the people. But it was not until 1930 that the fans is not enough to have taken seriously the dog's recognition that for an official career. In 1934, bloodlines had been normalized. He was regarded as a standard of the race and under the new name, which means frise poodle lying, Bichon Frisé was admitted to the French Kennel Club registry. Since then, he has won friends everywhere in the world. Foot 12 inches or less at the shoulder, the Bichon is a perfect companion for the city. Bit flipping, white with apricot and cream coat allow degraded. Pigmentation dark on the nose and the rings that surrounds the large dark eyes, improve the intelligent expression of the breed. It is the perfect choice for those whose dog attention yet more frequently daily brushing and more energetic bath wanders through the city. They require professional care. The Bichon is not always so easy to housetrain, that patience is a necessity. However, it is a fascinating career and an excellent guard dog, close ties with the family. * Generated content from our loyal visitors, including any comments or messages from the Club, the Red pins are free of the limits of our editors and therefore not LLC regulates the quality of contents 5 editorial, gold standard, but instead required authorized, the presentation of self, for a rapid, inspired and spontaneous to follow communication. Subscribe to updates directly in your mailbox for sent mail. DogChannel takes your privacy seriously. For more information, please read our privacy statement and,.