Bichon Frise Dog Temperament

Bichon Frise Dog

What are the causes of cardiac hypertrophy in dogs?The condition of an extension of the heart in a dog can be very difficult to diagnose. The main symptoms of a dog that suffers a cardiac hypertrophy include cough, breathing, abdominal distension, which is full of liquid and collapse. Unfortunately most of these symptoms in the later stages, when treatment is significantly limited. Although there is no known cure for the condition of an enlarged heart, there are treatments available that can help to prolong and improve the quality of life. The main causes of cardiac hypertrophy in dogs are not well known. However, it is a State, defects and shortcomings of the ADRIAMYCIN bichon frise dog temperament is associated with taurine. This disease an enlargement of the heart is considered around dogs older that affect average people. This condition is particularly common in the breed of dogs such as great Dane, Cocker Spaniel, Saint Bernard, Doberman Pinscher, Labrador Retrievers and German shepherds. An enlarged heart is quite rare in small breeds. Enlargement of the heart in the symptoms of a dog is not always visible. . This condition is usually diagnosed through x-ray x and an electrocardiogram and Echocardiogram. Enlargement of the heart is a serious illness that inevitably, heart failure may be due to. .