Bichon Frise Dog Size

Bichon Frise Dog

By: Abby Goemmer | 5/5 | before 10 months of Toby, has 17 years and could not for a better dog questions. Five years ago, we have a puppy, because in our opinion it would not be much longer with us, but the new dog has made young again! He began to race and have all the energy in the world when he was young. Now, undoubtedly falls in health care yet, but I was very happy to have a dog so beautiful, delicate and pleasant for both. Human society we have adopted when he was three bichon frise dog size years old, and it was the perfect dog to develop. I recommend this breed for families with small children. You are so sweet and forgiveness, which is great. Definitely be a Bichon in future when I have my family, my children and I hope, therefore, that some incredible experiences that I,.